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Zapow w/NFC

Get a QR code tag that's linked to your pet's profile on Pet Dwelling, a social platform just for pets.

  • Stylish, lightweight and sturdy QR code pet tag for all pets. Tag is packaged in durable, non-toxic aluminum pouch for efficient shipping, with a tear tab for easy opening.
  • Tag requires only one-step activation and links to your pet's free online profile on Pet Dwelling; provides vet & contact info to anyone that finds pet and scans tag; provides GPS location map on profile and instant email notification to owner when tag is scanned.
  • Meet other pets and make friends for your pet. Share experience and updates with local members to develop a neighborhood pet community. One click to share your pet's activity on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, with your friends!
  • Handle multiple pet profiles with one user. Facebook users can create pet profile with just one click on the login page. Pet Dwelling uses social media to help and email you if anyone notifies Pet Dwelling of your lost pet.
  • Pet Dwelling's QR code pet tag is an ID tag, a jewelry charm, a pet cloud service, and a social media tool, all in one!
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