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Welcome to Pet Dwelling - Where pets are loved!

About Pet Dwelling:

At Pet Dwelling, we consider pets as family, driving our commitment to enhance their lives. Our QR Code Pet Tags provide swift access to crucial information in emergencies. Additionally, our exclusive pet platform serves as a central hub, simplifying pet care by managing vet appointments, tracking vaccinations, and connecting you with a vibrant pet community. What sets us apart is the platform's photo gallery feature, offering a convenient space to store photos, videos, certificates, registrations, and medical records—all your pet's essential documents in one accessible place.

Pet Dwelling is more than a brand; it's a commitment to fortifying the bond between pets and their owners, redefining pet care standards for a more enjoyable experience.

With a track record of serving over 500,000 pets, Pet Dwelling was recognized in Parade magazine on Feb 21, 2023, and praised by Amazon shoppers for quick pet recovery. Our innovative QR ID Tags not only provide essential information but also offer instant scanned GPS location notifications to owners, helping thousands of pet owners swiftly reunite with their beloved animals. Choose Pet Dwelling for quality, reliability, and pet safety. Join our community of pet lovers to keep your furry friends protected, connected, and swiftly reunited.

Introducing Pet Dwelling Founders:

Meet the visionaries behind Pet Dwelling: Thomas Rich, a retired veteran; Ben Chou, an entrepreneur; and Steven Liao, an Ivy League IT specialist. United by a love for animals, our team is committed to simplifying pet care for devoted owners like you.

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