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Where pets are loved!

Pets are a part of our family. They should be protected like one too. With the Pet Dwelling you can make sure that your pets are always protected and stay connected.

Pet Dwelling provides a Pet ID Tag that links to your pet's online profile with owner contact information and GPS location map all in place to help you take full control and protect your furry loved ones. You're also able to interact with nearby members in the community.

Pet Dwelling Pet ID Tags are 30 days money back guaranteed with 1-year free replacement limited warranty. Pet Dwelling pet ID tags are 100% guaranteed!

Pet Dwelling founded by a group of animal lovers in NYC nine years ago. Pet Dwelling has 250,000+ members and helped thousands of pet owners reunite with their pets. Pet Dwelling is Reliable, Trustworthy and Free to use!


Recovering your lost pet with our Pet ID tags