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Where pets are loved!

Pet Dwelling QR Code Pet ID Tag links pet profile with displayed GPS location all in place for pet owners to take full control of their pets. Pets are a part of our family. With the Pet Dwelling platform you can make sure that your pets are always protected and stay connected.

Why should you choose Pet Dwelling?

Pet Dwelling founded by a group of animal lovers in 2011. Our mission is to provide a Where Pets Are Loved platform to give pets extra care and protection from their human companions. We have utilized QR code, NFC, and Geolocation technology to produce scannable Pet ID tags that are Non-toxic, Durable, Long-lasting and Weather resistant over 10 years. Pet Dwelling ID tags are 100% guaranteed!

Pet Dwelling prioritizes the security of personal information and data privacy. All QR code and NFC data are generated and maintained in the USA. Not to worry - your info and data is always protected by U.S. data privacy laws. We currently serve 350,000+ pet owners and have helped recover thousands of pets with our exclusive pet platform in the last ten years.

Pet Dwelling is Reliable, Trustworthy, and Free to use!


Recovering your lost pet with our Pet ID tags